Atomicdust designer Jason Stoff rules Shutterstock’s Pixels of Fury

Atomicdust designer Jason Stoff rules Shutterstock’s Pixels of Fury

Last Thursday, our own designer and photographer Jason Stoff took home the top prize at AIGA St. Louis’s first annual Pixels of Fury competition, sponsored by Shutterstock.

Several other cities have hosted Pixels of Fury competitions – but this was a first for St. Louis. It’s dubbed a “live design” competition, pitting eight artists against each other and challenging them to come up with original poster designs from scratch in just 20 minutes.

Which, as Jason experienced first-hand, isn’t much time.

The theme for the night was Design for Good. In round one, participants crafted posters with anti-bullying messages. In round two, they tackled the idea of diversity and inclusion. For the championship round, designers were charged with putting a fresh face on world hunger.

During each round, attendees watched as the artists’ vision unfolded on large screens.

Congratulations, Jason! Big thanks to Shutterstock for sponsoring the event, to AIGA St. Louis for pulling it all together, and to Jacquin Studio Photography for hosting this great event.

UPDATE: Check out the big winner and posters from the event on Shutterstock.

  • Erin Willmann

    Thanks for sharing this! I thought this was such a neat event. I was just curious about how much the designers knew about what they would be designing for ahead of time? Was each round a mystery, or did they have some idea going in? Congratulations!

  • Hi Erin,

    We didn’t know much at all – the theme for the night was announced beforehand (Design for Good) but the specific topics weren’t announced until immediately before the 20 minute rounds.



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