Meet Atomicdust’s Two New Interns, Joe Cheng and Maria Lopez

Meet Atomicdust’s Two New Interns, Joe Cheng and Maria Lopez

We’re thrilled to have two new faces at the Atomicdust office, helping us conceptualize and execute design and web development projects. Meet design intern Maria Lopez and development intern Joe Cheng!

Design intern Maria Lopez

Maria stumbled into the design field accidentally, signing up for a visual communication class in college to fulfill her communication requirement. She fell in love with branding and environmental design and graduated earlier this year with a degree in communication design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Always pushing herself to find solutions through design, Maria’s self-sufficient attitude and problem-solving skills drive her success. Born in Mexico, she said her cultural background gives her a unique perspective when it comes to projects. And her creativity extends beyond the screen: she’s also a talented printmaker (her medium of choice is linocuts), as well as a gardener and cook.

Development intern Joe Cheng

Complementing Maria’s creativity is Joe’s analytical and strategic mind. He graduated with an MBA in organizational leadership and data analytics from the University of Kansas, and has experience in mass data analytics, UX research, deep learning and product development.

Joe is proficient in numerous programming languages, and as a business owner himself, he understands what companies are looking for when they approach an agency for support. He’s also able to explain complex coding concepts to non-developers and developers alike. Outside of work, Joe runs with his dog, Kubo, and enjoys whiskey tastings.

Joe and Maria have already left a noticeable impact on our team and projects, and we’re excited to see what else they do during their tenure at Atomicdust. Say hi if you see them around and join us in welcoming them!



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