Mike to Speak at IABC St. Louis Social Media Seminar

Mike to Speak at IABC St. Louis Social Media Seminar

Looking for new ways to optimize, engage, lead, influence and share through social media?

'Be Social' is a half-day seminar from IABC St. Louis designed to inspire attendees and give them the knowledge they need to leverage online communities. The event will feature presentations on engagement, SEO, lead generation and maximizing your presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from some of the brightest minds in St. Louis… including someone from Atomicdust. 

Mike Spakowski, Owner / Creative Director at Atomicdust, will share insight into Facebook with his presentation,  "Putting your Best Face Forward: A Story About Exploring New Ideas."  Mike will explain how some late night antics resulted in Face Off Against Hunger, and how Facebook was used to spread the message and get more than 150 people to scan their faces on our office copier.

'Be Social' is taking place at the Center of Clayton on Thursday, April 19th. Click here to learn more about the event and register.

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Tara Nesbitt

Tara Nesbitt is inspired by the creative culture at Atomicdust, and enjoys coming to work every morning to ignite new, exciting ideas for clients. As Online Marketing Coordinator, she works closely with our clients to develop and deliver compelling content through social media channels – and to measure its effectiveness.

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