You need to make many layers of management happy.

Changing up a brand can be shocking if new creative is delivered to the decision maker at the end of the process – here’s how to avoid that.

Layers of Happy Management


Happy boss, happy life.

It’s pretty important to make sure that your managers (and their managers) are on board with brand changes for the brand changes to actually become a reality. When they’re brought in too late in the game, they won’t see the research, the strategy, the design exploration, or have any insight to the productive conversations that happen along the way.


Bring in the boss.

Corporate branding can be an uphill battle for internal teams and agencies. That’s because branding is about aligning vision and strategy among people who have different ideas about the “right” direction. Bringing the right people along for the ride can make all the difference. 


We base branding on the facts.

Including the key decision-maker from the beginning can be beneficial in a lot of ways—firstly, they’ll understand the thinking better if they’re involved from the start.

Our branding program begins with research—a whole lot of it—so that when we make recommendations, they’re grounded in facts.

Upper management tends to appreciate when people outside of their industry understand the nuances of it, and are more likely to be on board knowing that we have your unique needs in mind.

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