We build restaurant branding with meaning.

We’re a branding and design agency that turns restaurant guests into loyal fans.

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If you’re opening a new restaurant, or rebranding your restaurant to be more attractive to guests, you're going to need a strong brand identity to win the hearts (and stomachs) of guests.

We’re a restaurant branding agency that knows restaurants aren’t like branding for other businesses. A restaurant brand focuses on the complete customer experience with greater concentration, where each step unfolds and builds the guests’ experience.

Atomicdust is a branding agency for restaurants that combines strategy and creativity to make restaurant experiences become more meaningful to guests.

Because in restaurant branding – meaning is what matters.

We helped restaurant brands launch, re-invent themselves, redefine categories, exceed and delight customers.

Restaurant brands need a filter – what ties it all together?

When planning your restaurant concept and creating your brand, most people have a million ideas. Ideas of what the vibe of the restaurant will be like – from the art work in the bar area, the types of tables, down to the music selection.

The ideas aren’t always the most clear though. There’s a little of this one concept, and a pinch of this concept.

And if you’re working with a team, you also have the opinion of the architect, the ideas of the interior designer, the strategy of the PR team, and usually the pull of your friends and family telling you what to do.

Atomicdust’s restaurant branding work is foundational based on your ideas, and the input of your trusted advisors. We listen, learn, and take all things into consideration. Then we present a unified branding concept that takes into account everyone’s ideas, and creates a foundation for the brand that gets everyone on the same page.

When branding a restaurant – the one thing is the one thing.

The vision for your restaurant needs to be clear. Brands hold a place in a persons mind for a category. When someone says “fast food”, you probably immediately think of McDonalds. Then, maybe a handful of their competitors. The challenge that restaurant brands face is to never be second in their category – to create an identity for the restaurant that can’t be compared with anything else.

Building such a brand takes vision and focus. It takes one thing – a central, core idea that everything else is based on. That everything can be measured against.

Atomicdust helps restaurant brands across the country find and own that one thing.

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Restaurant branding is far more than a logo.

We take proven branding processes and create restaurant identities that are far more than just a logo and colors.

Our proven process for restaurant branding is collaborative with owners and chefs, and is framed around the following.

Branding Foundation


Competitive Analysis

Guest Personas

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Language

Brand Logo and Visual Identity

Brand Expressions

Experience Design

Exterior Branding + Signage

Interior Branding

Guest-Facing Collateral (Menu Design, Etc.)

Brand Launch Strategy

Brand Rollout Strategy


Strong restaurant brands make everything taste better.

Good branding elevates any experience. Good branding drives profit. Good branding is the reason why most people are more than happy to pay $4.00 for a cup of coffee from some brands, while others sell it for only $1.25.

Good restaurant branding is good business.

Our work makes guests excited to visit a restaurant, happy to pay a little more for the experience, and gets entices them to share the experience with friends and followers on social media.

People aspire to be part of great brands. They see themselves in the brand, who they want to become, and identify with the experience. Brands that mean something to their audience are brands that win.

Because in restaurant brandingmeaning moves markets.

We would love to know about your restaurant project and if we can help you create an amazing brand.

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