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What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is the unique corner of the market a company occupies. It’s what sets businesses apart, and how companies help customers decide what brand is right for them.

Successful brands use brand positioning to identify ways in which they are different from the competition and use marketing and advertising to ensure their customers associate that distinction with their brand. 

Example of Brand Positioning – Differentiation
Example of Brand Positioning – Differentiation

The why and how of brand positioning

Having clear positioning is essential in business, and the benefits are numerous. Most importantly, positioning helps consumers associate a brand with its offerings. Instead of seeing the similarities it shares with the competition, they see what makes a company distinct. Great positioning creates loyal customers, a more favorable brand identity, and a lower barrier to purchase, both for first-time and return customers. 

Establishing brand positioning isn’t always easy. It starts with a close examination of how a business operates—how it attracts leads, closes sales and portrays itself to different audiences—and what aspects are the most attractive to clients. A company working on its brand positioning also needs to understand what its customers appreciate the most, the few details that make them superb. Those details should be prominent in front of customers to make them see the brand’s unique value. 

An example of a brand positioning chart
An example of a brand positioning chart

 Next comes competitor research, examining everything from the products and services other brands offer, to what their marketing and customer service look like. Understanding the other players in a market helps companies set themselves apart. Uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of competitors gives brands a map of what aspects to emphasize and what’s already being done in the industry. All of this information helps when creating a brand positioning statement. It’s usually just a few sentences that explains how the brand is different, but it sets the foundation for the branding, marketing and even operations of a company. 

All this to say: brand positioning allows a company to focus. A company that thoroughly understands its section of the market and the benefits it provides to clients and customers will have an easier time crafting messaging and targeting them—and leave a stronger impression in customers’ minds. 

Atomicdust crafts distinctive brand positioning

Helping clients create and solidify their brand positioning is a fundamental aspect of our work. We’ve worked with hundreds of B2B and B2C companies to develop strategic positioning that helps them stand out in their industries and communicate their differentiators to clients and prospects.

Through our branding program, our unbiased, outside perspectives help us examine our clients’ current positioning to see what works and what doesn’t. We’ll conduct internal interviews to discover exactly what makes your company unique, and perform in-depth competitor research to show you exactly how your competitors position themselves and how you can stand out and shine.

With all of this in mind, we use our extensive branding knowledge to craft a clear positioning statement and detailed plan to put it to work.

We would love to do it for you.

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