Branding Workshops

Workshops that combine strategy and creativity to show brands how they can quickly move ahead. 

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Branding and Marketing Workshops

Solve problems faster, together.

These one- and two-day branding and marketing workshops are led by members of the Atomicdust team, but we’re just the spark. We’ve created an experience that will challenge your team to think about your marketing and branding challenges in new ways – because that’s the best way to find solutions that work, and separate you from the competition.

Our workshops take place outside our office and yours, far away from the day-to-day routine. It’s a tightly scheduled yet fluid approach that will force you and your team to focus your thinking on specific, sometimes difficult questions.

We talk. We write. We laugh. We put sticky notes on boards throughout the room. And through the process, we help you get to know your strengths and understand where you can go from here.

Take a look at the workshops we offer below and see if your organization could benefit from this rapid, collaborative approach.

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Brand Naming Workshop

Naming your company, product or service

Naming a business can be a difficult process, but we’re up for the challenge. Our workshop will help your team quickly arrive at options for a name for your business, product or service that will reflect your internal culture, shape your brand and set the stage for market differentiation. 

Need help with naming your brand? Schedule a time to talk.

Brand Language Workshop

Creating your brand (and sales) story that connects with customers

Wesley and Amanda discuss a project

This workshop will help you define your core positioning statements: stories and phrases your organization can use to describe its purpose and promise. A series of activities will help your team think about your brand, products and services in new ways to create language that is meaningful to your customers.

Need help with brand language? Schedule a time to talk.

Customer Experience Workshop​ (ACDC)

Mapping (and improving) your ideal customer experience

Eight ways to improve your marketing

Businesses are a collection of processes. In the simplest terms, these can be broken down into four main categories: attract, convert, deliver and collect, or ACDC. Based on an approach by respected author Mike Michalowicz, this workshop maps out the systems and bottlenecks of a business and how these impact customer impressions.

We identify new ways to delight your customers before, during and well after the purchase – while learning how you can automate the experience to make it predictable, repeatable and, of course, successful. 

Want to build an amazing customer experience for your brand? Schedule a time to talk.

Marketing Campaign Planning Workshop

Planning an effective marketing campaign that gets results

Atomicdust staff work on laptops during a meeting - Atomicdust was named one of the Best Marketing Firms in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly

At the end of this workshop, you’ll walk away with a marketing campaign strategy with clear goals and tactics. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers around our branding and marketing workshops.

Where are the workshops usually held?

We prefer to have the workshops offsite, away from the distractions of your office (and ours). Typically, we’ll try to find a cool, creative space somewhere in your city that might be new to you. If you’re in our hometown of St. Louis, we’ve had quite a few workshops at Hotel Ignacio, Brennan’s Work & Leisure, and The Bhive. If you know of other creative spaces we should check out, let us know.

How many people can attend a workshop?

It depends. We’ve had clients bring as many as 15 from their teams and as few as three. Typically, four to five members of the Atomicdust staff will join the workshop, including one moderator.

Who on my team should attend a workshop?

We like anyone whose work will be impacted by the project to be involved. We like to involve people from seemingly disparate teams. It’s important to hear voices from executive leadership, marketing, product development and sales. We’ll rely on you to pick the best mix, but can certainly help if you need it.

Not everyone in my company is on the same page. Should we still do a workshop?

Yes. We prefer to have people with different opinions and perspectives. For example, if the sales and marketing managers don’t see eye to eye, we’d love to get them in the same room. We find that conflicts and candor are often the source of the best outcomes.

How much does a workshop cost?

It depends on you. We have our standard offerings, but we typically customize the workshop to our clients’ specific goals and needs. Our typical workshops cost between $3,000 and $15,000+.

Who from Atomicdust will in involved in the workshop? What does the team look like?

On our end, the workshops are usually moderated by Account Director and Partner Jesse McGowan, and include a brand strategist, copywriter, visual designer and web developer. This can vary depending on the problem we’re solving. We like to bring in different perspectives and backgrounds. That helps us think about problems from all sides.

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