Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute

The Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute turned to Atomicdust to capture their unique personality, both with a revamped brand and a new content-rich website.

Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute- Branding and Website Design

Inspiring Future Leaders

The Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute (BWLI) inspires leaders across the nation with their classes, personalized training sessions and ongoing guidance. But they were having trouble articulating what they did (and why they did it) on their website. After a visit to their old site, prospective clients were left with lingering questions like, “What do you do exactly? What classes do you offer? How much do they cost?”

Elements of the Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute Branding Program

Make It Clear

We brought clarity to BWLI’s core offerings with straightforward, friendly language that they could use on the web, in emails or in face-to-face conversations. For the website, we created easy-to-use navigation and goal-oriented calls to action inspiring visitors to take a class, hire a speaker or engage BWLI for an ongoing initiative.

Barry Wehmiller Institute - Brand Language
Elements of the Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute Branding Program

Show Their Personality

Watching BWLI’s facilitators in action, we saw their credibility – and were drawn in by their infectious energy. The classes are founded in business acumen, but with a unique personal angle that’s the perfect reflection of BWLI’s founding philosophy.


The new BWLI website needed to strike a similar balance between professionalism and personality. Traditional serif typefaces give an authoritative feel, while playful illustrations, highlighter animations and casual photography break corporate stereotypes.

Barry Wehmiller Institute - Website Design Pages
Barry Wehmiller Institute - Website Design Pages

Inform, Inspire and Reassure

The new BWLI website leverages content from CEO Bob Chapman’s book, Everybody Matters, as well as testimonials, TED talks, blogs and other sources to add credibility and trust. (It’s great for SEO, too.)

The webiste was awarded a 2017 W3 Award and featured in AIGA’s Member Gallery.

Barry Wehmiller Institute - Everybody Matters Book
Barry Wehmiller - Branding Testimonial