BWorks, a nonprofit that has helped St. Louis children since 1988, needed a new brand and website to share its work on behalf of St. Louis youth. The new site unifies the group’s programs under one umbrella, giving BWorks the opportunity to reach out to potential donors, volunteers and supporters.

St. Louis BWORKS branding - logo wall


BWorks, which began as St. Louis Bicycle Works, offers kids the chance at a free bike as a reward for developing the responsibility and teamwork skills they need to succeed. As the program grew, it added Byte Works and Book Works, both of which follow the same model. As we worked to get to the core of their mission, we developed a tagline that rang true – “Be more.” Behind the bikes, books and computers, BWorks is about helping kids be more.

St. Louis BWORKS branding and logo design


Just as the new BWorks logo system visually connects each of the programs, the new website provides individual space to highlight all three programs. As a nonprofit, BWorks needs the participation of members, donors, volunteers and kids. The new website was purpose-built to provide everyone with a specialized experience that gives them the exact information they need.

St. Louis BWORKS Website design
St. Louis BWORKS Website Design Interior Pages
St. Louis BWORKS Website Design Interior Pages

Logo Honored at TAM Awards

The logo Atomicdust designed to unite the BWorks programs under one brand was honored with a ‘Best in Class’ distinction at the 2012 Targeted Advertising and Marketing (TAM) Awards.

TAM Award for St. Louis BWORKS branding