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Through software, consulting and a network of supplier connections, Facilisgroup provides companies with better promotional product solutions. As the company evolved, it needed new branding and a website to explain its various offerings.

New Facilisgroup branding shown on billboards

Space to grow.

When Facilisgroup approached Atomicdust, they were in the middle of a transition. The Facilisgroup name was set to become the umbrella brand, underneath which would include the company’s new branded products and platforms. Our job was to create a system of brand identities (including language and visuals) that would tell the whole story.

The umbrella brand Facilisgroup branding along with new branding for Commercio and Syncore

Cohesive yet distinct.

Each of Facilisgroup’s products appeal to a unique subset of the company’s larger audience. The look and feel of each individual brand we created needed to reflect the product and be effective on its own while also complementing its counterparts.

The branding for Facilisgroup, Syncore and Commercio are each unique yet cohesive, with similar taglines (Grow smarter, Grow stronger and grow faster) and similar logo marks

Focused on growth.

Inspired by Facilisgroup’s commitment to helping its clients (which Facilisgroup calls its partners) grow, we established an organic clover shape and applied different treatments for each brand. Each logomark alludes to the clover, with subtle details in the logotypes echoing the shape’s contours. Growth takes the spotlight in each brand’s messaging, too: Grow stronger. Grow efficiently. Grow smarter.

The logo marks for each of the brands in the branded house are all inspired by a clover leaf shape
The new Facilisgroup brand identity on creative expressions including a polo and out-of-home advertising sign
Commercio branding in creative expressions as social media posts and a mug
Syncore branding on the screen and as name tags on lanyards

Rooted in simplicity.

With a new overarching brand story, visual systems and differentiating language in place, it was time to translate it all to digital. We designed a website rooted in simplicity but equipped with the tools to allow the Facilisgroup team to easily add on as its products and services grow. Subtle animations, energized copy and a clean user experience encourage visitors to continue exploring the site and connecting with the brand.

Facilisgroup website design on a tablet
The Facilisgroup website design is mobile responsive, shown here on a tablet and phone

Facilitating the future.

It wasn’t long after launch that Facilisgroup had a new platform to roll out: Amplifi. With the system we’d designed, the Facilisgroup team created a brand identity that fit perfectly with its other products. And the growth doesn’t stop there: another product we created branding for is set to launch in the coming year.

The Amplifi brand shows how Facilisgroup can continue building its house of brands using the established design and language system