Missouri History Museum

After a rebrand, the Missouri History Museum was looking to implement new messaging and improve its visitor experience. Interested by Atomicdust’s practice of using design to solve problems, the institution brought us on to update the museum inside and out.

Missouri History Museum south entrance exterior signage design

Chalk it up to experience.

Elevating the Museum’s visitor experience meant examining the entire journey. We mapped out every step, from parking to exhibits to exit, and considered what needs and questions visitors might have at each point along the way. For the exterior, we designed huge banners and a two-story-tall window cling to catch the attention of passersby and establish the south entrance as the main entrance.

Missouri History Museum exterior signage design and welcome desk inside the entrance

Getting around.

New signage throughout the building helps visitors find their way around. We added a welcoming desk just inside the entrance to greet visitors on their way in; on the back, a call to action invites them to purchase memberships on their way out. Floor decals in front of the elevators show visitors what they’ll find on each level right as they step off.

Missouri History Museum interior details including wayfinding and signage design
Large 3-D STL sign in the Missouri History Museum's Bernoudy Courtyard

Brand cohesion.

With each new exhibit at the Museum comes a different design style, so we were challenged to infuse the Museum’s new branding throughout the space and unify the aesthetic. Playing on the institution’s tagline, “Find yourself here,” wayfinding signage declares “Find your way.” To match the branding we designed a new donation box, which brings in three times as much as the old box.

Missouri History Museum Logo
Missouri History Museum brand colors and wayfinding signage
Missouri History Museum donation box

A space for everyone.

Accessibility was top of mind throughout the project. Many of the museum’s visitors rely on strollers and wheelchairs for mobility, so all signs needed to fit specific size and height requirements. We worked with Tao + Lee to choose furniture that’s sturdy enough for older people and people with physical limitations to easily sit down and stand up again.

Missouri History Museum ADA signage for accessibility
Missouri History Museum accessibility signage including icons and restroom and level signage
Missouri History Museum ADA Room Signs

History goes modern.

Missouri History Museum staff have already reported noticeable positive improvements from the updates, and more facets of the project are in the works as the Museum continues to advance its visitor experience.

Aerial view of the Missouri History Museum's south entrance interior