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Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo is one of Atomicdust’s favorite places in the city, and we were honored to be given the chance to create their 2013 annual report. But what could we say about this place we all felt so close to already? What untold stories were hidden on those 90 acres in the heart of the city?

St. Louis Zoo Annual Report Design

Shaping the World

While the Zoo’s impact reaches far beyond Forest Park, we wanted to demonstrate that its physical location is the place where employees, donors and visitors alike come together: to learn, to enjoy the animals – and yes, to ride the train. This led us to tell the story of the Zoo’s 2013 milestones in a bold, new way: with words, of course, but also through textures and visuals created with our own hands.

Using animal toys for the St. Louis Zoo Annual Report Design
Donor pages for the St. Louis Zoo Annual Report Design

Going Hands-on

Each scene was created and photographed in house with construction paper, toys and plenty of imagination. No camera tricks here. Our goal? Avoid the expected slate of full-frame animal photos and, in turn, bring people closer to the Zoo experience.

Paper origami and animal toys were the design elements of our St. Louis Zoo Annual Report Design
We designed the charts used in the St. Louis Zoo's Annual Report out of construction paper.
Toy Train featured in the St. Louis Zoo Annual Report Design
Pages of the St. Louis Zoo Annual Report Design

Bringing the Story to Life

Creating physical displays for a two-dimensional report was an exciting challenge that ultimately tied the Zoo’s story together in a special way. It was a thrill to learn the stories behind the Zoo’s most recent projects, to craft a new way to tell them, and to get a glimpse of what’s in the future for this inspiring St. Louis institution.

The 2013 Annual Report was featured in the AIGA St. Louis Design Show at The Center of Contemporary Arts (COCA).