Download – Building Brand Love in B2B Industries

Does brand love matter in B2B marketing?

“Brand love” may be a buzzword in consumer marketing, but that doesn’t mean B2B leaders should dismiss it. “Love” is an attainable goal – and often a necessary one – when crafting a B2B brand identity, marketing plan, or campaign that truly connects with audiences.

In this presentation, Atomicdust Creative Director Mike Spakowski and Senior Copywriter Jazzy Danziger share insights, stories and a few jokes they’ve uncovered while consulting global B2B brand leaders. Topics include:

  • Why it’s a smart business move for today’s B2B brands to build emotional connections with customers, employees and other stakeholders
  • How “brand love” gives brands the time and space to innovate (and make a few mistakes along the way)
  • The ways in which your buyers’ professional aspirations are built on personal aspirations
  • How to use your brand’s imperfections to make your audience love you
  • The differences between building “brand love” and building a great sales team
  • Examples of B2B brands that have earned strong connections with their audiences
  • Five questions B2B leaders should ask as they build a more “lovable,” connected brand

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