All Pet Card

As a brand-new player in the rapidly growing buy-now, pay-later market, All Pet Card is a financing solution changing how pet owners manage their veterinary expenses, and how vets can provide care to clients.

Balancing comfort with financial reality.

The cost of caring for a pet has surged, making it increasingly difficult for pet owners to manage their furry friends’ vet bills. All Pet Card created a solution exclusively for pet care expenses. But unlike other brands that rely on fearmongering, when they came to us, our team understood the need to balance the seriousness of pet care costs with the joy and fun of pet ownership.

Various All Pet Card branded assets including logo, tagline and icon
Image of a bunny with the All Pet Card branding

All warm and fuzzy.

From the beginning, we wanted the All Pet Card brand to evoke the feeling of coming home—something four-legged friends routinely provide. By emphasizing the positive emotions associated with pets, we set the stage for a brand that deeply resonates with the audience.

Smiles guaranteed.

Our visuals of happy pups sparked the idea for the tagline, “Healthy pets. Happy wallets.” These four simple words effectively speak to veterinarians and pet owners, delivering a personal and targeted message. And it encapsulates the core promise of All Pet Card, highlighting the financial aspect while also emphasizing the well-being of pets.

All Pet Card branded business cards
All Pet Card 6 brand colors. Beneath the colors, there are 3 colorful pet birds.

A brand in full color.

We chose a blend of dark blue and teal to evoke confidence and trust—vital emotions in the financial industry—while yellow added vibrancy. Cuddly pet photos throughout the marketing materials enhanced the emotional connection, ensuring smiles with each interaction. Every piece of collateral embodies the All Pet Card identity, from sales flyers to in-practice promotions to the card itself.

All Pet Card branded trifold brochure

Challenge accepted.

But it wasn’t all treats. Navigating the complex world of compliance and legal regulations proved a formidable challenge, as strict guidelines dictated font sizes, weights and precise wording. With our extensive experience in the finance industry, we managed version control meticulously and ensured compliance while maintaining brand integrity.

All Pet Card branded flyer and credit card

A tail-ored website.

We created an easy-to-navigate website with a toggle button at the top that changes the page content based on whether the visitor is a veterinarian or pet owner, so users can easily find what they’re looking for. The site includes a payment calculator, tools to find a provider and even a resource center for practitioners.

All Pet Card is a game-changer in pet care financing, making care more accessible and manageable for everyone. And we’re excited to witness their ongoing journey and the positive change they bring to pets and their owners.