Andy’s Frozen Custard

Andy’s Frozen Custard, a fast-growing quick service restaurant scooping up frozen custard since 1986, tasked Atomicdust with branding a new take-away menu and creating campaigns for some of its biggest crowd pleasers. 

Andy's Frozen Custard packaging design

Take Andy's, well, anywhere

Andy’s customers have traditionally enjoyed their frozen treats on the patio or in the drive-thru. To expand its reach, the brand wanted to increase its take-home menu offerings and promote Andy’s for any occasion. Through our naming program, we researched industry naming practices and created the Andy’s Anywhere menu, an ownable name and structure that fit with its existing branding.

Andy's Frozen Custard Packaging Design

Make it a combo

We also named their new offering—a quart of frozen custard and choice of two toppings—and created supporting pieces to announce the treat: direct mailers, point-of-purchase signage, emails and digital ads all promoting the Quart Combo and Andy’s Anywhere menu.

Andy's Anywhere Branding

Good things come to those who wait

Andy’s fans wait all year for their favorite seasonal treats made with hand-picked ingredients and homemade baked goods. With a fast-paced schedule and overlapping treat run-times, Andy’s had difficulty focusing its marketing efforts for limited-time offerings. We came up with a system to simultaneously promote multiple treats and educate consumers about the different menu items by placing them in competition—concrete versus sundae, berry versus berry. 

Andy's Summer Showdown Promotional Posters

Clash of the custard

We created point of sale signage, digital ads, mailers, billboards, radio ads and emails promoting the Summer Showdown, complete with pennants, foam fingers and baseball card-inspired stats for each of the treats. Using the comparison system provided a repeatable system for the restaurant to feature products in a fresh way. 

Andy's Summer Showdown Promotional Posters

Getting up to date.

Changing seasons means a change of menu at Andy’s. With pie as the centerpiece of Andy’s fall lineup, we pivoted to focusing on the main ingredient—a whole slice of pie in every concrete. Giving a modern update to existing promotional materials, we incorporated bold colors and fun language that reinforce the Andy’s brand.

Andy's Frozen Custard Promotional Poster Design

Coming to a cone near you.

Our work for Andy’s has earned several awards, including a Gold Service Industry Advertising Award and a Graphic Design USA Graphic Design Award.


We’re continuing to work with Andy’s on new marketing campaigns and collateral as the company continues to open new locations across the country. Stay tuned to see what comes next.