Benson Hill Biosystems

When you’re the pioneers of an industry, explaining what you do can get complicated. Atomicdust helped Benson Hill Biosystems bring simplicity and sophistication to their story with a visual identity and website.

Pioneers of Cloud Biology

Benson Hill uses the latest cloud technology to collect and analyze data, then share that analysis with other biotech companies to improve the performance of crops around the globe. They turned to Atomicdust for a new website to encourage partnerships and investors, recruit new researchers and most of all, share their mission with the world.

Benson Hill BiosystemsHill Biosystems -Branding and Website design
Benson Hill Biosystems
Benson Hill Biosystems -Branding elements
Website design for Benson Hill Biosystems

Our Inspiration

When Benson Hill came to Atomicdust, they lacked a distinct voice or visual look, and were burying their innovative story in technical, complex copy. For inspiration, we turned to classic, long-form publications like National Geographic, scientific journals and Time-Life nature books.

Benson Hill Biosystems -Branding inspiration
Website design for Benson Hill Biosystems

(Breaking) the Classic Grid

For the website design, we relied heavily on the classic grid. Perfectly aligned sidebars, subheads and paragraph breaks gave the design plenty of whitespace. But the best thing about rules is breaking them. We broke our grid with interesting layering and subtle animations to add a cutting-edge, modern feel.

Benson Hill Biosystems - Brand Guidelines

Award-Winning Design

Our work for Benson Hill has been honored by the Marketing Excellence Awards, American Advertising Awards and the W3 Awards.