Technology platform Biofourmis transforms digital care delivery and pharmaceutical drug development through partnerships with global health systems and life science companies.

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Standing out against the competition.

With real-time clinical interventions and insights, Biofourmis’ tech platform makes it easy to deliver and receive care from anywhere. But the company’s industries, including remote patient monitoring and digital clinical interventions, are heavily saturated. Biofourmis needed to cut through the noise and reach its audiences with strong, compelling messages. That’s why they came to us—to find an effective way to market their expertise.

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Care from anywhere.

Our first priority: promoting Biofourmis’ care delivery solutions. We developed a holistic paid search strategy, focusing on important keywords around digital care and some of Biofourmis’ top competitors. Social media campaigns targeted audience members based on where they were in the buyer’s journey, with ads designed to build brand awareness, nurture prospects and guide them toward conversion.

Branded social media ads for B2B healthcare technology platform Biofourmis

Our approach to ad creative was deliberate and strategic, using repetitive imagery of patients using the technology to support brand recognition and awareness. We kept the messaging straightforward—calling out the benefits and clearly cementing Biofourmis’ services in the audiences’ minds.

A person views a Biofourmis LinkedIn ad on a phone

The campaigns led to immediate results, with large increases in organic search and direct traffic to the website, and yielding dozens of new contacts. And since the healthcare tech industry is constantly evolving, the campaigns are structured to maintain relevance for years to come, without a heavy lift from Biofourmis’ marketing team.

From clicks to signups.

Biofourmis’ technology also supports drug development—speeding up research and improving treatment safety with digital clinical trials, digital drug companions and market access solutions.

But regulations around advertising clinical trials meant the company faced challenges with driving registrations. We created paid search campaigns to drive signups, using creative targeting to reach patients who qualified for the studies—patients searching for new treatment options and disease management technology online—while still maintaining compliance.  

The results were powerful: almost a third of all ad clicks led to clinical trial signups. Biofourmis’ cost to drive registrants landed at $68 per trial registrant, a fraction of the industry standard. With clinical recruitment often requiring significantly higher financial investments, this was a major win: saving Biofourmis significant time and money to allocate elsewhere.

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Biofourmis consumers utilizing virtual care features

Power in numbers.

The paid search and paid social campaigns led to a 32% year-over-year increase in website sessions, with hundreds and sometimes thousands of contacts collected each month. 


With a strategic approach to targeting, and repeated, relevant messaging, the marketing efforts proved successful, providing more opportunities for Biofourmis to improve digital healthcare for all.

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