ClaimChoice asked Atomicdust to update its branding and website, repositioning the company as a leading authority in advancing the health insurance industry.

ClaimChoice's new Branding - Happier people, healthier business.

Health insurance, tailor made.

ClaimChoice offers businesses and brokers new possibilities in health insurance. Through unique plan options, companies can create custom solutions that aren’t tied to one network, saving money and giving flexibility to their employees at the same time.

Details of ClaimChoice's new branding, including a logo and checkmark pattern
An expression of ClaimChoice's brand identity - a person stands in front of the guidepost logo

A trusted advisor.

After the initial research phase of our branding program, we translated our findings into a new visual structure and language system.

Different shades of blue and checkmark patterns bring trustworthiness to the brand. At first blush, ClaimChoice’s logo looks like a stylized version of the company’s initials, but in the negative space, two guideposts represent its role as a leader for its clients. Brand language is approachable and clear (health insurance doesn’t need to be any more complicated) and the tagline encourages audiences to Choose Well.

Graphic showing ClaimChoice's brand colors, typefaces and examples of brand photography
Creative expressions of ClaimChoice's brand on Instagram
ClaimChoice's branding shown in a magazine ad
ClaimChoice branding on marketing print collateral

The digital divide.

With brokers, employers, providers and members all coming to ClaimChoice for answers and guidance, we designed the new site to speak directly to each group. The Choose Well page introduces the brand’s mission while explaining plan options and the benefits of partnering with ClaimChoice. Beyond that, the site is divided by audience, so any visitor can quickly and easily find what they want.

Blocks from ClaimChoice's web design
ClaimChoice's website design on mobile
ClaimChoice's website design homepage

The future of health insurance.

The new branding revitalizes ClaimChoice’s website and marketing materials, giving the company the modern look and feel needed to increase market share and upend the health insurance industry.