As Sherpa prepared to expand its services from CRM software to an entire sales enablement platform, Atomicdust built a website that generates leads while still conveying the company’s philosophy of empathy and understanding.

Sherpa's website design features photos and stats of senior living prospects

Empathy in action.

Sherpa provides CRM, or customer relationship management, software for senior living communities—but there’s more to it than that. The technology is based on Prospect-Centered Selling®, Sherpa’s revolutionary sales approach that puts people (and their hopes, fears and interests) at the center of every conversation.

Mobile-responsive Sherpa website on iPhone
Messaging and icons on Sherpa's website design support the CRM's benefits and effectiveness

A clear understanding.

Because Sherpa uses a unique model, the website needed to both explain the methodology and convince visitors that it works. Individual pages outline each of Sherpa’s offerings, from the CRM to sales training to data insights. Copy focuses on the benefits senior living community executives actually care about, like more motivated sales teams and increased move-ins.

Building connections.

Using the company’s existing branding, we created sleek designs that underscore the advantages of partnering with Sherpa. Photo collections illustrate the humanity of senior living prospects, reminding visitors that everything Sherpa does is centered around the people served. Photos we took of Sherpa’s team and office add an extra layer of authenticity.

Sherpa CRM website design on a tablet

Designed to sell.

Down to the details, we designed the entire site to support lead generation and sales. Client testimonials, partner logos, statistics, and strategically placed calls to action and thought leadership pieces inform and reassure visitors about Sherpa’s effectiveness, and inspire them to take action.

Events, client testimonials, lead magnet content and client logos support lead generation on Sherpa's new website design

The future of senior living.

Now equipped with a website that tells its brand story and strengthens sales, Sherpa continues to grow and evolve the senior living industry.