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Daugherty Business Solutions

Daugherty Business Solutions has been providing IT consulting to Fortune 500 companies for the past few decades. They take a straightforward approach to how they do business, and their new website follows suit.

Woman holding a branded sales folder for an IT Consulting company

Branding and Identity

For consulting firms like Daugherty, it can be difficult to describe the company without sounding like everyone else. An array of services and specialties has to be separated from the competition by something bigger. At Daugherty, it’s their ability to take the work one step further. Their new tagline – “Experience beyond.” – captures that in a simple and memorable way. It’s where their story starts.

Marketing collateral for Daughtery Business Systems

In Print

Our branding program helped us see that Daugherty is a place where employees value their ability to work together to help clients and keep the company growing. We made sure that this spirit came through not only on their website, but also in their business cards, brochures and other print materials.


Daugherty’s new branding stripped away the unnecessary clutter – and we built their website to match. Their new site embodies their bold and clean-cut style. Real employees are the face of the company, with actual photos to make the company relatable. The website copy takes the same familiar and straightforward approach, staying away from the jargon that consulting firms often fall back on.

Website design for Daughtery Business Systems
Website design for Daughtery Business Systems

Beyond Branding

Daugherty also called upon us to create new advertisements, including a two-page print ad that took home a Gold Targeted Advertising and Marketing (TAM) Award at the 2012 competition.

TAM Award for St. Louis BWORKS branding