Maxor, a national pharmacy services company, was having trouble juggling multiple websites for its various divisions. Atomicdust created a central site that delivers a unified brand message while streamlining the user experience and allowing the company’s divisions to shine.

Maxor Website Design

One stop shop.

Maxor works across the healthcare spectrum to lower costs and increase access to prescription drugs. The company’s four divisions—MaxorPlus, Maxor Specialty, Maxor340B and Maxor Pharmacy Management—have distinct audiences, from insurers and employers to pharmacies and individuals. Our challenge: design a website where any visitor can quickly and effortlessly find what they need.

Maxor division logos

Charting the course.

The homepage would serve as the unifying umbrella brand and a gateway that people might pass through on their way to division pages. We knew some people—members, for example—might end up on the homepage accidentally, so we designed the site to guide them to find services or refill prescriptions quickly.

The Maxor website design on a desktop computer
The Maxor website is mobile-responsive and can be viewed on phones or tablets.

Action packed.

The real magic happens in the individual division pages that carry the main brand forward. These put context- and audience-appropriate calls to action front and center, ensuring people can quickly and easily complete any tasks. Along the way, we reinforce Maxor’s brand promise of bringing people together to make pharmacy benefits easier.

A dose of design.

Maxor had recently completed a rebranding project. Our team brought the brand to life online with pharmacy-themed line drawings, modern photography and colorful prescription medicines. Movement from subtle animations and hover states bring energy to the site in an industry where website pages are often dry and uninteresting.

Double duty.

From a practical standpoint, Maxor’s new website improves more than the user experience—it’s also easier for their team to manage and update than their previous sites. We’re continuing to partner with Maxor to build out remaining division pages, and look forward to seeing the site in full effect.

Maxor Website Design Page Layouts