Mercy Blessings

A unique idea for a holiday celebration – a microsite giving people served by Mercy the chance to share thanks – became a year-round reminder of the blessings all around us.

Mercy Hospitals Blessings Website

Delivering a Gift

Across five states, Mercy serves almost three million people. Working closely with their team, we designed and developed Our Blessings Count, a site that invites people to share the things they’re thankful for in their lives.


Initially, the site was intended to function as each facility’s Wi-Fi login screen, giving nearly everyone who visits a Mercy hospital the chance to share their experiences. Today, it also lives as a standalone website, encouraging everyone in the community to post thanks.


First-time visitors to Our Blessings Count are greeted by beautiful, full-frame photographs. Animated snowflakes drift down the page to represent each story – and a simple click reveals the story behind it. Users can “heart” and share messages, just like on a social network.

Mercy Hospitals Blessings Website - Winter Homepage
Mercy Hospitals Blessings Website - Fall Homepage
Mercy Hospitals Blessings Website - Spring Homepage
Mercy Hospitals Blessings Website - Summer Homepage

Simplicity Adds Meaning

The site’s purpose and goal was simple – to encourage people to share their stories. We used this simplicity as an opportunity to flex our user experience capabilities. We built a dynamic site that displays and sorts the blessings in beautiful, flexible ways. Every animation is purposeful, encouraging further exploration or action.


The photographic backgrounds rotate daily, even transitioning between day and night themes.


On the back end, we made it easy for Mercy to switch scenes and seasonal, animated objects. We also built the site on WordPress, so our client could manage visitor-submitted stories.

Mercy Hospitals Blessings Website - Share your Blessings grid view

Showing True Heart

Since the site launched, people have shared almost 10,000 blessings. We’re proud to give members of Mercy communities the chance to share their stories.

We may have built the website, but Mercy’s community gives it its true heart.