Premium Retail Services

As the retail industry evolves, the new Premium Retail Services brand positions the company as a visionary partner – not just a third-party labor provider.

A New Era in Retail

For more than 30 years, Premium Retail Services has helped major manufacturers and retailers connect with customers, build awareness and drive sales. But as the industry evolved beyond in-store activities, Premium wanted to ensure that their reputation for stellar brand advocacy and field merchandising wouldn’t overshadow their increasingly relevant data and technology capabilities.

Premium Retail - Branded Sales Sheets

Behind Every Decision

We developed a new Premium brand story that leads with consulting and data, a visionary position that allows them to communicate their value in any setting. To highlight their expertise quickly, we even bundled their dozens of solutions into four clear categories, including brand advocacy and strategy.

Premium Retail's new brand and website on a laptop

A Modern Rebrand

As we translated this into a visual identity, we envisioned Premium as a modern brand on par with many of the consumer clients they serve. After all, shouldn’t a company that works with brands like Oculus look just as sleek and forward thinking?


In a sea of red and blue competitors, we gave Premium an unexpected and ownable color palette. We added depth with modern patterns and a flexible decision tree graphic device. These elements are used across their new website and other marketing materials.

Branded coffee mug for Premium Retail
Branded case studies for Premium Retail
Premium Retail - elements of the brand
Premium Retail Logo and Brand animation

A Deceptively Simple Logo

These decision tree dots are “hidden” in the logo. Individually, they represent data points. Connected, they become a buyer’s path to purchase – a path that Premium knows how to influence. The third dot is also a period, making the name “Premium” and the statement it makes about quality more emphatic. Premium. Period.

Premium Retail - Web site Design

Built for Flexibility

The entire brand is simple and flexible enough to work as a container for client brands. As the Premium team creates proposals and case studies, they can easily incorporate client colors and imagery to illustrate the partnership they’ll build together.

Premium Retail - Website Design Case Studies

Embracing the Brand

The Premium team has truly embraced the brand, applying it to their office signage, prospective client proposals and employee swag. With their new look and messaging platform, Premium is poised to take full control of their reputation.