Consumer Marketing

Atomicdust creates connections that create loyal customers.

How do you get someone to buy your product or service? That’s the big question – and it’s one Atomicdust can help you answer.

We’ve designed four core programs that take a methodical approach to get to the heart of why your company does what it does, what benefits you offer and, most importantly, what your customers and prospects want.

Here we find points of difference and points of alignment. This gives us a powerful platform for messaging – messaging that creates an instant connection, because it’s based on core values and benefits, not me-too product features.

After all, we believe that marketing built on strategic messaging is easier to create, manage and measure. It’s also more effective.

Through branding, workshops, website design, digital marketing and brand promotion, we help consumer brands:

  • Build consensus among key stakeholders around core values and benefits
  • Create buzz for new brand or product launches
  • Navigate industry changes
  • Build long-term customer loyalty
  • Establish expertise and market leadership

Build a brand that speaks to consumers.
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