Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops. You know the name. After all, it’s the country’s go-to supplier of outdoor gear and apparel. But do you know the story behind the iconic brand? It was buried on disparate pages across their website. That’s why they turned to Atomicdust.

One Central Source

Bass Pro Shops asked us to bring new life to the non e-commerce section of their site, with a cohesive experience that told the story of the brand’s scope and impact. The section would incorporate information about founder Johnny Morris, Bass Pro Shops’ associated brands and properties, and their conservation and community service commitments—all while serving as a recruitment vehicle for prospective team members (they call them “Outfitters”) and a destination for journalists.

A Useful User Experience

The best stories are easy to understand, and the best websites are easy to explore. So making the site navigable and concise for the unique audiences was key. We designed an intuitive sitemap and wireframe concepts that would encapsulate the section’s numerous topics and still illustrate Bass Pro Shops’ story in a meaningful way.

Web Design, Al Fresco

The beauty of the outdoors is beyond just aesthetics—it’s the views, sounds, smells and tangible feelings. So wherever we could, we added texture, movement and dimensional details to make the site come to life (or at least as much as possible for a screen).

We scoured Bass Pro Shops’ mountain of images with their internal team to find dynamic photos of families and individuals in nature. Editing them all with the same color adjustments to feel cohesive and placing them in strategic spots across the site ensures each photo plays a role in supporting the brand story.

About a Brand

We loved getting to work with a brand that’s not only a retail powerhouse but has also done so much for conservation and outdoor stewardship. We’re proud to have helped the national brand tell their story on just the right scale.