Terra and Union

Real estate developer Green Street was planning two new residential communities in The Grove neighborhood. They turned to Atomicdust for help naming and branding the developments.

A person looks at the Terra Union branding on a website mockup

A new development or two—or seven.

Green Street’s plan would bring new housing to The Grove, and a lot of it: they shared a map of the area’s main thoroughfare, dotted with seven new buildings (totaling almost 500 units) in the surrounding blocks. The largest building would focus on wellness, with amenities including a bike repair area, walking trails and a pool. Six smaller buildings, each with its own unique design, would comprise a second community that also needed to be named and branded.

The Terra branding against a rendering of the building
Terra at the Grove and Union at the Grove logos as part of the branding

From the ground up.

Inspired by both the nature-derived building design and the geographic location on which it would stand, we landed on Terra, meaning “earth” in Latin, for the largest building’s name. The other six needed standalone names, plus a unifying umbrella name. Nature influenced this as well, with each name stemming from a type of soil found in Missouri: Ashe, Knox, Booker, Iva, Marshall, Blake. Together, they would be known as Union—another local soil.

Signage differentiates the various buildings under the Union umbrella brand

Inhabitable by design.

With names in place, we began building out the rest of the Terra and Union brands. Brand narratives and taglines set the foundation for each. Logos, color palettes and brand patterns—representing Terra’s juxtaposition of natural landscapes in an urban setting, and Union’s modern metropolis vibe—rounded out the brand identities.

A tote bag, coffee mug and keychain with the Terra branding show how the brand can live in various creative expressions
Mockups of an interior wall and billboard show the Terra and Union brand in real-life executions
Terra creative expressions on social media and the Union brand applied to the separate buildings
The Union brand in a website design mockup
The Union brand in business card creative expressions

Construction on the Terra and Union buildings is underway, with both developments scheduled to open mid-2022.