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Loaded Elevated Nachos

A local restaurant group asked Atomicdust to create branding for its newest concept, featuring nachos inspired by popular dishes from around the world.

View of Loaded Elevated Nachos interior from the front door

Nachos—but elevated.

The owners of Narwhal’s Crafted planned to open a fast-casual restaurant serving global interpretations of nachos. They had a menu (banh mi nachos, reuben nachos, cannoli nachos), a name (Loaded) and an idea for the interior vibe (outdoors-y, with the shell of a vintage Airstream trailer as the centerpiece), and asked us to create a brand that would give the concept life. 

Tray of nachos with brand icons and

An adventure in branding.

Our team designed a core brand identity influenced by the structure of nachos, as well as the juxtaposition of travel and quick, elevated cuisine. The logo mark shows a layered L, and a design system of stacked thin rectangles, like a pile of chips, highlights the ingredients in each dish. Bold colors and witty brand language, illustrated with various chips and outdoor adventure vehicles, make the brand fearless and fun.

Expressions of Loaded's brand identity, including paper cups, a brand pattern, chip mountain illustration and staff t-shirts

Floor to ceiling, wall to window.

Working with the Loaded team, we translated the brand design into environmental design, with big, oversized features and small details, from wall graphics and signage to team uniforms and tray liners. (Our favorites: A custom wallpaper for the bathrooms and a rewards program we dubbed the Pile High Club.) Since Loaded is next-door to a Narwhal’s location, a window connects the two so Narwhal’s customers can order food while still sipping frozen cocktails.

Loaded Elevated Nachos brand collateral, including the Pile High Club, a doormat that says

The new normal.

Even though it opened during the pandemic, Loaded was an immediate success. It continues to draw attention and visitors as it expands the definition of what nachos can be.

Social media graphics for Loaded Elevated Nachos
A man digs in to a tray of Loaded Elevated Nachos