Convoy of Hope

The U.S.-based nonprofit Convoy of Hope delivers life-changing support and resources to people around the globe—people affected by natural disasters, poverty and more. But with such a wide reach and range of initiatives, the organization’s mission and outcomes were getting lost in the pages of its website design.

Telling the story.

A simplified site map laid the groundwork for the structure and navigation. On each page, bold statistics, graphic elements and carefully selected photos from Convoy of Hope’s library of images illustrate the nonprofit’s impact—showing both the human stories of people served and the broader outcomes.

Convoy of Hope's large website required a strategic sitemap
Images, typeface examples and colors from Convoy of Hope's existing brand

Getting organized.

With help from governments, businesses, volunteers and employees, Convoy of Hope serves millions of people through its six pillar initiatives: Children’s Feeding, Women’s Empowerment, Disaster Services, Agriculture, Rural Initiatives and Community Events. Each initiative had its own colors and visuals, as well as pages of information and calls to action. It was our job to create a site that was cohesive, highlighted the individual pillars and provided visitors with the right information—all while maintaining a compelling and intuitive user experience.

Screenshots of the Convoy of Hope website design initiative pages show how using templates and colors made the initiatives cohesive yet distinct
The Women's Initiative page of the Convoy of Hope website design

Inspiring action.

Carrying out Convoy’s mission takes a lot of hands—businesses, churches, organizations and individuals all play important roles. For each audience and every way to get involved, we created a page that gives visitors exactly what they need to get started. As they travel through the site, users discover more about Convoy’s efforts and how they can help. But more importantly, they’re persuaded to take action and get involved.

Gif showing a mouse interacting with the
Convoy of Hope website design pages
Get Involved pages of the Convoy of Hope website design

Building hope, one block at a time.

Convoy of Hope’s website needed to be one that their team could easily update and grow as the organization responded to humanitarian needs. Our team developed a set of customizable blocks for each section of the website, expediting both the initial build and any future additions.

Convoy of Hope reported tremendous growth thanks to the improved site experience for users and donors. Touching millions of lives around the globe, the organization now has a website that will allow it to reach further than ever.

Blocks from the Convoy of Hope website