Crane Agency

Crane Agency is one of the oldest independent insurance brokerages west of the Mississippi, dating back to 1885. With nearly 140 years in the industry, their primary focus is helping owners across the country protect their businesses.

Crane Insurance Branding Logos

Unifying a legacy.

Despite a rich history, Crane lacked a unified brand identity. Many of their nearly 100 brokers had a different logo, letterhead and sales materials, ultimately confusing their audience. To stay relevant in the evolving and competitive insurance landscape, they needed a refresh—a cohesive, modern brand identity to instill confidence in clients and brokers.

Balancing the past and future was essential: While evolving their brand, we aimed to symbolize growth, guidance and progress while keeping their iconic “C” mark. The new style embodies life’s twists and turns, reflecting their journey and its roots on the winding Mississippi.

Crane Agency branding on a billboard

From tradition to transformation.

The tagline “Lead with Confidence” declares Crane’s promise: to navigate their clients through the complexities of business insurance. We stuck with the signature maroon color to preserve the brand’s history while introducing a fun secondary palette with bright reds and soft blues. Our goal was to create an inviting visual representation to do two things: appeal to both the next generation of brokers and clients while still resonating with existing ones.

Crane Agency's new brand identity applied to a sales collateral piece
Crane Agency's new brand applied to environmental signage and advertisements
Crane Agency insurance marketing brochures for its different target industries, including healthcare, automotive and manufacturing

One new look, now everywhere.

With brokers managing their own books of business, upholding the new brand would be key. We created new collateral like PowerPoint presentations, sales materials and branded swag to ensure the company’s image is consistent across all platforms.

Crane business cards

Turning expertise into engagement.

A rebrand doesn’t end with its debut—it must continue to align with ongoing marketing strategies to remain impactful. So after Crane’s big reveal, we jumped into content marketing and digital ads.

Crane Agency insurance social media graphics

Bringing the brand to new audiences.

By leveraging the expertise of their brokers, we developed a content marketing strategy to increase visibility to potential clients. Since we implemented Crane’s campaigns, they now rank among the top 20 results for industry keywords in search and have obtained over 1 million impressions on Facebook. With a new brand and marketing strategy, and a website coming soon, Crane Agency is poised for another century of growth. And we’re excited to be part of their journey.

Crane Insurance Brand Asset
Crane Agency Instagram mockups