A renamed, high-tech division of Enterprise Holdings Inc. – Entegral – turned to Atomicdust for foundational messaging and website design. They had a name and a logo, and needed help with the rest.

Entegral website design homepage
A call to action on the Entegral website says

Building the message

Here at Atomicdust, we firmly believe that messaging is at the heart of any effective website. That’s right, design and technology don’t come first – messaging does. That’s where we started with Entegral. That meant taking them through our Branding Program.

We learned that Entegral is software platform used to connect insurance companies, manufacturers and repair shops. The goal? Simply put, to reduce the amount of time it takes to repair customers’ vehicles after an accident. It’s about reducing repair time, improving safety and above all, reducing costs.

Showing the value for multiple audiences

Entegral’s platform delivers distinct features and benefits for multiple audiences, so we structured the site to speak to them in different ways. Colors, arrows and other elements from the brand draw visitors through the pages, and lead them to key calls to action.

Component blocks of the Entegral website design
Audience pain points help users find what information they're looking for on the Entegral website design

Leading toward the next step

During our research, we learned that the industry – particularly insurance companies – makes decisions slowly. We built this site to move that process along by answering key questions. One big question? Cost. The entire navigation – including  the “Get Pricing” button, follows visitors down the page.

Speaking to every audience

Of course, everyone – particularly in Entegral’s disparate audiences – thinks about and approaches web content differently. That’s why we created sections of the site to show Entegral as an integrated piece of software under the “Solutions” tab, and also as an industry-focused platform under “Industries,” where we crafted benefit-focused pages for each audience.

A timeline of events on the Entegral website explains how the tech products are used

Designing for the future

From the outset of the project, we knew we would not be developing the Entegral site. We also knew the team would eventually be rolling out the brand to the UK and other markets, in addition to adding new products to the core suite. To make the process as easy as possible, we designed each page with repeatable components that can be used as content needs change around the globe.

This approach brings a unique level of flexibility to the design, but also ensures consistency even as the Entegral platform evolves.

Pages from the Entegral website design