Flat World Digital Marketing

We’d designed, built and launched a new website for Flat World, a shipping logistics and technology company. But as we always say, a website is foundational. Digital marketing is growth.

A person in a warehouse looks at the Flat World website

A content-focused strategy

Flat World had been growing steadily for more than a decade when they approached us. To continue scaling in a saturated market, they needed help reaching new audiences and gaining brand recognition.

We designed a strategy that would help the company strengthen its reputation as a leader in the industry while bringing more prospects into the marketing funnel. At the heart of our strategy is content. Each month, we collaborate with their team to produce SEO-focused blog posts and promote them via email marketing and social media marketing. Digital advertising campaigns complement our organic efforts while increasing brand awareness and driving lead generation.

Flat World brand pattern
Content marketing for Flat World includes blogs and emails

Transformative results.

A brand-new website usually requires a lot of nurturing to see strong performance. By publishing frequent, high-quality content that’s optimized for the company’s target keywords, we widened the top of Flat World’s marketing funnel—and saw dramatic increases in year-over-year performance compared to the company’s previous website.

Flat World Digital Marketing outcomes including a 26% increase in website traffic, 41% increase in organic traffic and 76% increase in average session duration
Graph showing the increase in organic search impressions and clicks

Between January and August 2021, Flat World ranked for 166 new, non-branded keywords—including ranking in the top ten results for terms related to domestic shipping, order fulfillment and transportation management systems.

Flat World search engine optimization and content marketing

Social media provides another platform for Flat World to reach new prospective clients. We updated Flat World’s channels to reflect the new website design and began consistently publishing. Without any paid social media efforts, we were able to grow the company’s LinkedIn following by 27.3% year-over-year—a number that will only grow with forthcoming digital campaigns.

LinkedIn Ads for Flat World Digital Marketing
LinkedIn Ads for Flat World Digital Marketing