American Association of Orthodontists

When the American Association of Orthodontists, or AAO, asked us to help them refresh the organization’s large, rather unwieldy member-facing website, we had our work cut out for us. We set out to create a site that offered a clean user experience and relevant information for AAO members and prospective members alike.

The homepage of the AAO website design

Clear Navigation for Every User

Separate from its patient-facing site, the AAO’s member website had grown to serve multiple audiences—practitioners, students, educators, suppliers and more—with resources for each. The site we designed needed to be engaging and user-friendly, and, more importantly, reinforce the benefits of membership. So, in addition to being loaded with useful information about things like practice management, advocacy and continuing education, it also needed to show the value of all of it.

The AAO website design was created with the organization's unique audiences in mind

Persona-Specific Pages and a Logical Menu

Our solution was two-fold. We created persona-specific pages that make crystal clear the value AAO delivers for every role in the field of orthodontics, easily accessed through the main navigation menu. Meanwhile, other menu options group content by category and use. And a robust search feature ensures that as the site continues to grow, visitors can find what they need in just a few clicks.

The AAO website is mobile responsive

Consistency Rules the Day

Engaging websites are consistent, all the way through, with familiar messaging and layout. We combined repeated design elements with accessible language to guide the user’s experience. To customize the experience, page content like calls to action and links change based on whether the user is a member.

Statistic blocks and calls to action on the AAO website

Members-Only Perks

As we built out the site, we prioritized the most-requested content and provided a custom login and single sign-on functionality. Today, the site is extendable, so the AAO can easily add information as the organization continues to grow, and it’s cohesive, with a clearly communicated message—no matter who’s reading it.