Green Street St. Louis

Green Street St. Louis takes a different approach to real estate and construction. Atomicdust delivered branding and a website to help reach more businesses and stand out from the industry.

Taking a Modern Approach

After decades in traditional commercial real estate, the Green Street team started their own business to focus on sustainable building practices and projects that make an impact in our city. We helped modernize Green Street’s brand to shake the corporate identity – and created a website focused on highlighting their work and generating leads.

Green Street St. Louis - Branding
Green Street St. Louis - Logo systems

Going Green

When it came to the branding for Green Street, we had to appeal to a variety of audiences. With clients that range from first-time startup owners to some of America’s largest private companies, we balanced polished and professional with modern and approachable. To highlight Green Street’s focus on sustainability, we used shades of green as the focus of the color palette. Together, those colors create the logo family for Green Street, with multiple variations for different applications. 

Green Street St. Louis - Website Design

Connecting with the Audience

As we worked to balance the visual aspects of the brand, we focused on what makes Green Street stand out to tell their story. Instead of treating clients like transactions, Green Street works with business owners to find the financing, secure tax incentives and build unique spaces where companies can grow. The go beyond traditional real estate, they do more for their clients. That idea became the foundation for supporting brand language and a new tagline, Make more possible.

Green Street St. Louis Branding Language - Tagline

Breaking the Mold

For the website, one of our biggest goals was to continue breaking away from what’s expected in the industry. Instead of a cold, corporate look, we added warm, natural colors and sharp angles to guide the eye through the site.

While many real estate firms focus on facts and figures to show their expertise, we took a different approach. We created detailed case studies for projects to share a behind-the-scenes look at the quality and care of every build. Throughout development, we continued working to help Green Street stand out with custom maps, animations and an introductory video header.

Green Street St. Louis - Website Design
Urban Chestnut - GreenStreet Branding

Making It Personal

To give visitors a more personal experience online, we took detailed photos in and around some of Green Street’s award-winning buildings, including drone photography to show the size and scale of every project. By showing the buildings in action, we help showcase how Green Street helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses. These details, like Urban Chestnut Brewing Company’s energy-efficient interior, are what set Green Street’s new website apart.

Award-Winning Design

Green Street St. Louis’ new branding and website design has been honored at the Marketing Excellence Awards (ME Show), AIGA St. Louis Design Show and Graphic Design UDA American Web Design Awards.