McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

McCarthy, one of the largest construction companies in the country, asked Atomicdust to create an interactive website that would bring gratitude and hope to its communities as 2020 drew to a close. See how we built a site to help them Share Good Things.

Illustration from McCarthy's Share Good website

A sign of the times.

Every year, McCarthy executes a campaign to send holiday wishes to employees, clients and communities. After the tumultuous events of 2020, the company wanted to end the year on a bright note. They asked Atomicdust to design and build an interactive digital experience that would have a positive social impact and be easily shared.

Illustrations and textures from McCarthy's Share Good website
Illustration from McCarthy's website showing airplane pulling a banner that says

Building a brighter future.

Visitors to the site see a sky dotted with white, puffy clouds above an illustrated cityscape—partially under construction, of course. Short, succinct instructions (we kept copy simple to avoid overcomplicating the experience) invite viewers to submit what they’re grateful for or looking forward to. Submissions turn into clouds, and users can explore the entries to share in the joy and gratitude left by others.

Example of a submission on the website
Submissions from McCarthy's Share Good website show what people are grateful for and looking forward to
Animated illustration of a hot air balloon

Silver linings.

To replicate a real horizon, clouds move right to left and the time of day changes as users scroll. A few surprises dot the skies—a satellite, hot air balloon and even Santa—making the experience even merrier. And since sharing good was a major goal of the project, visitors can use the social sharing buttons to pass on the joy in just a few clicks.

Illustration of clouds

Animated illustration of a stork carrying a present
Animated illustration of a satellite

Illustration of clouds

Illustration showing the website on desktop and mobile

Greater good.

Like all of our web design projects, we made the site editable so McCarthy’s team can update the graphics and animations and promote the website—sharing even more good—year-round.


Explore the site for yourself—and while you’re there, feel free to share your own good with the world.