Happy Batch

A nutrition-focused meal delivery service was preparing to launch a new brand of gluten-free cookies. But first, they needed a name, branding and packaging design that would make the cookies pop.

Stack of Happy Batch cookies next to a Happy Batch in the package

Fewer ingredients. More to love.

Underwhelmed by the existing options on the market, the team at Metabolic Meals had spent months perfecting the recipe for the gluten-free cookie of their dreams. It was up to us to create a brand as enticing as the treats, starting with the name. Happy Batch elicits the feeling of delight that comes from cookies, and hints at the thought and care that go into baking each one.

Happy Batch cookie logo design

A fresh-baked brand.

A name like Happy Batch immediately sets the tone for the brand identity. We designed a bold and bouncy logo and brand pattern of repeat cookies (or smiles, or chocolate chips, depending on who you ask.) Witty flavor names, like Nutty by Nature and Raisin the Bar, and the tagline, “Get Happy,” round out the lighthearted brand language.

Happy Batch brand identity with logo, stacked logo and brand element
Happy Batch brand colors on the left, brand typeface on the right
Happy Batch brand pattern of smiles, cookies or chocolate chips
Happy Batch brand words and flavors

Letting the cookie be the star.

The Happy Batch team wanted to be able to sell the cookies individually, so we designed the packaging accordingly. A big, eye-catching logo is front and center, and a color-coded naming system differentiates the flavors, but the clear wrapper lets the cookie shine. Gluten free and clean ingredients, yes. Weird texture or crumbly consistency, absolutely not.

Happy Batch cookie on a blue background
Happy Batch cookie packaging designs against a yellow background
Happy Batch brand tagline,
Happy Batch social media graphics on an iphone
Happy Batch delivery packaging
Happy Batch brand standards
Happy Batch cookie website design mockup on a laptop

Happy ever after.

Happy Batch cookies are launching soon. Keep an eye on their website, and you, too can Get Happy.