Nimble Solutions

In the midst of explosive growth, National Medical Billing Services was evolving. The company turned to Atomicdust to chart their course through naming, branding and a new website.

Image of Nimble's home screen on a laptop

An industry evolving.

National Medical Billing Services was one of the most well-known and respected brands in the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) revenue cycle market—but the industry was changing, and the company’s name no longer fully reflected the range of services they offer. Plus, the firm was in the process of acquiring companies to further deliver comprehensive, strategic surgical revenue cycle services.

Images of Nimble's old logo and old branding

We worked closely with their team and talked to their clients to get to the heart of their culture and core promise, hearing again and again that their wide-ranging services help companies adapt to challenges and thrive in the difficult economic and regulatory environment.


We found a way to encompass the spirit, goal and promise of this company in one ownable word. (Well, maybe two words.)


Meet Nimble Solutions.

Behind the brand.

The ambulatory surgery industry is in a constant state of flux, driven by changes in public health, insurance and regulations. Nimble’s core promise, from the name to the guiding brand narrative, speaks to how everyone on the team delivers on this promise.

Image of doctor reviewing documents
Image of Nimble's brand narrative

A new look.

The logo’s gradient line encompassing the “N” mark speaks to the company’s ability to touch and optimize every aspect of a client’s revenue cycle—and, again, to act as protection against the constant change in the industry. It’s a theme that continues through other key visual elements of the Nimble Solutions brand, like the concentric circles used to illustrate that the company’s products don’t stand alone, but are part of a continuum of software and services that help surgery-focused businesses thrive.

A breakdown of Nimble's logo and strategy behind design choices
Nimble branding colors and fonts

Crucial resources with just a click.

We built the Nimble Solutions website to demonstrate their deep experience and reintroduce both prospects and long-term clients to the company. And at every step, there’s an opportunity to integrate key content like webinars and whitepapers to help visitors stay a step ahead.

Even as the company evolves, we’ve built the website to grow with them; the structure makes it easy to add pages and products.

The site is also designed to be a lead-generating machine. It’s deeply integrated with their CRM software—inviting prospects to sign up for a newsletter, download gated content, and sign up for a demo or assessment.

Image of Nimble website's Resource page
Nimble brand assets
A series of full-length Nimble webpages, featuring different resource tabs

Ready for the future.

One thing is for sure: the medical billing industry will continue to shift. We’re confident the Nimble brand and website we created will keep the company out in front.

Nimble business cards and lanyards