Nortek Data Center Cooling

As a premier manufacturer of HVAC products, Nortek offers a range of solutions to both commercial and residential clients. When a division of their company, Nortek Data Center Cooling, needed a new website that would drive business, they called us.

Nortek Data Center Cooling website on tablet

Capturing a Crucial Market Segment

Data center cooling is a key segment of Nortek’s business, with an audience that represents some of the biggest names in tech. The success of the website hinged on telling the brand’s story and developing bold graphics that would convey how truly innovative and essential Nortek products are. Capturing a sense of this innovation on the new site would appeal directly to Nortek’s target customers and provide solid, foundational branding Nortek could expand on in the future.

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The Power Behind Big Tech

Data centers use up large amounts of energy and water; Nortek’s Data Center Cooling solutions meet these challenges with efficient, sustainable products. Nortek has the cooling expertise and proven results these enormous, heat-producing data centers need. Essentially, they’re the power behind the power — they keep everything operating smoothly at the game-changing technology companies they serve.

Our brand narrative positions Nortek as the machine that keeps so many other industries up and running. Nortek’s environmental focus and global reach are highlighted on the website and summed up in a new tagline: “Cooling the Cloud, Protecting the Planet.” Now, the company’s “why” is expressed succinctly and confidently on their website and provides a strong foundation for Nortek’s current and future marketing efforts.

A Bold Brand Element, Amplified

An existing brand mark, Nortek’s graphic ‘N,’ became a major design element for the new website. We repeated the bold, forward-leaning shape across the website to create a consistent experience for users. A pop of color—red against a gray and white color palette—gives the brand mark some added impact, making it an easily recognizable feature.

A loading animation of the signature ‘N’ adds even more energy to Nortek’s dynamic brand and hints at the company’s attention to details. Combined with striking photography that ties in the technical and ecological aspects of Nortek’s story, the brand visuals modernize the site without adding unnecessary clutter.

Nortek brand N
Nortek's website on a desktop and mobile screen
Nortek web design blocks

Maximizing the Website's Potential

Visitors to the site could be in various places in Nortek’s sales cycle, so we organized the site’s navigation and crafted copy to reinforce the brand’s promise on every page. A Capabilities page showcases the company’s expertise, proven results and differentiators. And a News & Insights section, with frequently added blogs and whitepapers, supports SEO and lead generation.

Nortek's website on mobile devices

Enabling innovation.

By amplifying signature brand features and crafting memorable, client-focused messaging, we gave Nortek a more unified site and a future-focused brand. With visuals that add color and energy, and language that supports conversions, Nortek now has an online presence that evokes confidence and clearly conveys the company’s innovation.