Cor Jesu Academy

Cor Jesu, an all-girls Catholic high school, already had a reputation for superior academics—but that reputation only told part of the story.

Cor Jesu Academy's new logo

A Brand Story Beyond College Prep

St. Louis students (and parents) have a dizzying array of choices when it comes to selecting a high school. In such a saturated market, Cor Jesu needed to update its brand to stand out. The brand didn’t just need to attract potential students; it needed to appeal to parents, Cor Jesu alumnae and other stakeholders as well. We wanted to be clear about the school’s differentiators and mindful about what each audience needed from the brand refresh.

Cor Jesu Academy's school building

A New Tagline and a Modern Look

As we researched and conducted interviews, one sentiment stood out: Cor Jesu is a school that brings out the very best in its students. The new brand language and tagline capture that idea, illustrating the success alumnae experience both before and after graduation. The school’s emphasis on faith (or, more specifically, the color palette from a gorgeous mosaic in the school’s entryway) influenced the new color palette.


Now, every brand element—from the updated logo and wording to the style of photographs featured in marketing materials—make the brand feel fresh and modern, while still authentic and true to the school’s history and spirit.

Cor Jesu Academy's new logo and tagline: Shine bright. Be brilliant.
Cor Jesu Academy secondary badges
Cor Jesu Academy brand identity colors and typefaces

A Brand for the Next Generation of Students

Cor Jesu adopted the new brand immediately and made it part of their recruitment efforts for the new school year. Now, social media posts and an updated website consistently reflect the new brand. And when students returned to campus, new swag allowed them to fully adopt the refreshed look. With branding that reflects just how much Cor Jesu has to offer, the whole community was eager to celebrate the school’s brilliance.

A student wears Cor Jesu Academy merch with the new branding
Creative expressions of posters using Cor Jesu Academy's new brand
Cor Jesu Academy branding on planners, folders and name tags
Creative expressions showing the Cor Jesu Academy brand on social media
Shine bright. Be brilliant.