When James Beard award-winning chef Gerard Craft announced the plans for Sardella, the concept that would replace his flagship restaurant, Niche, we knew we had to make a splash. The brand had to be bold, fun and different – just like the restaurant.

Sardella Restaurant Branding

Something New

In the spring of 2016, Gerard Craft surprised everyone when he announced the acclaimed Niche would be closing. It was still at the top of its game, drawing crowds and winning accolades. But Craft was ready for something new.

Sardella Logo Design

Unexpected, Yet Familiar

As Niche’s doors closed, Craft shared with us his vision for Sardella. Sardella is ancient Italian sauce made from sardines, but Craft wasn’t opening a seafood restaurant. Instead, he described the food and decor as unexpected, yet familiar; traditional, yet brand new.


For our design, that meant bright pops of color and a sense of movement to complement the restaurant’s decor. The menu fuses the beautiful and functional, presenting the ever-changing range of dishes on a stunning board that echoes the restaurant’s decor.

Website design for Sardella

A Taste on the Web

On the Sardella website, we gave big, eye-catching photos of the bold, beautiful food room to shine. The site gives people a taste of what to expect, combined with splashes of unexpected color and motion.

Sardella Website Design

Honors for the Design

Since Sardella opened in November 2016, the restaurant and its design have received rave reviews. The menu design and branding for Sardella was honored by the American Advertising Awards and AIGA St. Louis Design Show, and has been featured on Art of the Menu and Identity Designed.

Sardella Menu Design