Better Life

A focused brand identity and fresh new package design helped Better Life bring their natural, safe, non-toxic cleaners into more stores.

Better Life Branding and Package Design

Naturally Amazing

After a hugely successful appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, Better Life sales exploded and big-box retailers came calling. To evolve to meet the needs of a more mainstream audience, Better Life hired Atomicdust to bring focus to their identity and packaging. We advanced the brand story by spotlighting the products’ remarkable power – an unexpected feature in the natural cleaning category.

Better Life Packaging Design - Product Line
Better Life Soaps and Lotions Packaging Design
Better Life Packaging Design

Irresistible on the Shelf

The new Better Life packaging is more consistent, easier to read and, of course, fun. On every bottle, a swoosh cuts through vibrant colors to reinforce the power of the products to cut through grease, grime and dirt. The design revamp has created more consistency across the entire line, helping people recognize the full family of Better Life products, and how well they all work together.

Better Life Cleaning Wipes Packaging Design
Better Life Glass Cleaner Packaging Design
Better Life Dryer Sheets Packaging Design
Better Life Packaging Design Custom Icons
Better Life All Purpose Cleaner Packaging Design
Better Life Dishwasher Gel Packaging Design

On the Web

A fresh new website celebrates the color and spirit of the packaging while placing the products’ effectiveness front and center. Better Life now stands out from the natural cleaning crowd with its bright and irreverent web presence.

Better Life Website Design

Packaging Design Awards and Press

Graphic Design USA honored the new packaging with a Health + Wellness Design Award and an American Package Design Award. The full line was also featured on The Dieline, Packaging of the World, and recognized by the American Advertising Awards, Marketing Excellence Awards (ME Show) and AIGA St. Louis Design Show.