University City Schools

Atomicdust crafted a branding campaign to help the School District of University City embrace their diversity and welcome the next generation.

University City School District Branding

Honoring a Rich History

The School District of University City opened its first school in 1868, and has maintained a priority on excellence in education ever since. Today, it offers outstanding educational programs that prepare students for success.

University City - School District Branding Elements
University City School Branding on Posters
University City Branding Elements and Inspiration

Celebrating the Students

In order to represent the school district in a genuine way, our approach had to feel organic and welcoming while appealing to students of all ages—and their parents.

We found inspiration in the hallway art, and paired bright colors and playful patterns with handwritten messages to bring the brand to life. Together with the rallying cry, “Believe in U,” we paid tribute to the school district’s belief in and support of their students, faculty and the community itself.

Branding and design on display banners for University City School District

Encouraging Diversity

Schools are a reflection of the community they serve. But, U. City felt their student body wasn’t representing everyone. The school district asked Atomicdust to create a branding campaign for their high school Open House leading into the 2017 school year. A campaign to shift the district’s reputation and showcase the schools’ emphasis on education and diversity.

Branding for University City School District
University City Brand Brochures
University City Schools Branded Folder
University City Schools Branded Folder - Inside

Opening Up to the Community

With the visual identity and brand language in place, we created welcome kits, yard signs, and alumni fundraising materials for the Open House. “

Believe in U” not only emphasized how great an environment U. City was building for the neighborhood’s kids, but also acted as a call to the students, faculty and community to take pride in U. City. Because a community that takes pride in its youth, knows the promise they hold for the future.