As it continued to grow and expand its influence, NAPCRG – the world’s leading organization for primary care research – turned to Atomicdust to solidify its brand and further extend its reach.

NAPCRG website design mockup on a laptop

What’s in a Name?

NAPCRG – the North American Primary Care Research Group – is a multidisciplinary volunteer organization committed to promoting and advancing primary care through research. That’s a mouthful, and that’s why the organization came to us.

Cell phone with NAPCRG Facebook page branding design

Creating a Community

One of the key points that kept coming up in our talks with NAPCRG members was the organization’s warm, collaborative, professional approach that shone through at both its yearly conference and newer ongoing programs.


We captured this spirit in the brand narrative.

NAPCRG brand narrative: This is your place. A place where your ideas for research can come to life. Where you’ll find mentors when you need them, people to mentor when you’re ready, and collaborators who are always there to inspire you to reach for more. A place for you to build the future of primary care, and to improve the health of people around the world. Welcome to NAPCRG.

And we helped clarify NAPCRG’s role in the industry:

NAPCRG brand language statements: NAPCRG supports and nurtures clinicians, scientists, students and patients around the world as they pursue primary care research. Through our ongoing support, conferences and programs, we bring researchers together, connecting them with the resources they need as they shape the future of primary care.

Building a Brand System

A long, cumbersome acronym like NAPCRG does present some challenges when it comes to designing a visual identity. If we made the name too bold and heavy, it could be overwhelming and unfriendly. Too light, and it might get lost in an industry dominated by complex acronyms.


We solved the challenge with a new brand typeface that reflects NAPCRG’s open, friendly culture – while still communicating its respected, professional nature.


The brand mark echoes a pebble’s drop into water, showing both the connected nature of research and the organization’s ever-increasing reach.

Visual branding design system for NAPCRG with logo mark, brand colors and pattern

Speaking of ever-increasing reach, we built the NAPCRG identity to make it easy for their team to create sub-brands for their programs and other conferences. The entire system lets each effort have its own identity, while maintaining consistency across the brand.

Visual branding with NAPCRG logo and brand mark on water bottle
Visual branding with NAPCRG logo and brand mark on tote bag
NAPCRG branding design on a bus stop ad
NAPCRG visual branding on a print publication cover
NAPCRG branding design inside a print publication
NAPCRG branding on pop-up banners