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The Midwestern

With a bustling location just blocks from the ballpark and a renowned chef at the ready, the new restaurant from 1000 Spruce had all the ingredients for success. Atomicdust created the branding, identity and design to help the business plant roots in the city and draw in a hungry crowd.

Midwestern - Restaurant branding interior bar

Meat & Drink

The owners of St. Louis favorites Wheelhouse and Start Bar were inspired by the heartland for their next concept, a barbecue restaurant that would pay homage to midwestern states, people and culture. Different from traditional barbecue joints, their restaurant would have sit-down service and a sophisticated bar menu in addition to modern twists on barbecue classics.

Midwestern - Restaurant branding logos, outdoor blade sign, cocktail glasses
Restaurant branding hops and catfish illustrations

Good Food, Plain and Simple

Our client already had “The Midwestern” in mind as the name, and our team found inspiration in the hardworking, straightforward personalities the region is known for. Bold, clean lines in a simple color palette combine with imagery of state animals, classic midwestern foods, camping equipment and nature. The M quickly became a symbol of the brand, appearing everywhere from the custom glassware to the larger-than-life murals.

Midwestern - Restaurant branding menu design and food
Restaurant branding glassware and tabletop
Restaurant branding menu design

Midwest is Best

We found framed art and state pennants and designed signs and custom wallpaper to line the perimeter of the space. We also developed an industrial-inspired menu board that hangs behind the host stand. To match the interior’s uncomplicated style, we created an easy-to-navigate website, complete with a calendar of live music and events and an Instagram photo stream of recent specials and cocktails.

Restaurant branding graphic posters and wallpaper
Restaurant branding website design
Restaurant branding large
Restaurant branding graphic posters
Restaurant branding hanging clipboard menus

Opening Day

Since it opened, The Midwestern’s branding has been featured on Grits & Grids and Art of the Menu, and has earned accolades from AIGA St. Louis and the Service Industry Advertising Awards.


Serving up good food and drink the way it’s meant to be, it’s a little taste of the flyover states that you just can’t miss.