Franklin Madison

Partnering with banks and credit unions to provide consumers with insurance, Franklin Madison is the definition of “behind the scenes.” But the company still wanted a website that would appeal to visitors and drive business.

Franklin Madison website on a laptop in a cafe

The challenge of consumer insurance.

Although Franklin Madison is solidly B2B, its products are consumer-focused—and a main selling point to its clients is the company’s ability to make the products attractive to their customers. In addition to its numerous insurance options, Franklin Madison uses proprietary data and a talented creative team to help financial institutions market the insurance to their customers and members. They turned to us to create a website that would reflect this spirit, clarifying the company’s core promise and clearly explaining its complicated menu of products and services.

Franklin Madison teams
Mobile responsive web design for Franklin Madison

Pushing an existing brand forward.

Franklin Madison’s current brand was still working for the company—but it was falling flat online. We took an element from the logo, a horizontal line, and began using it in creative ways throughout the site to represent the connection between insurance and consumers’ peace of mind. Animations of the line, paired with iconography and graphs, keep visitors engaged with the story of Franklin Madison as they learn about its products and services.

Franklin Madison brand animation
Franklin Madison website blocks

A human voice.

While much of what Franklin Madison does is complex, messaging needed to be straightforward and user-friendly. We kept the tone approachable and human, while still touting the benefits of partnering with the company. Carrier logos and quotes from satisfied clients provide social proof, leading users to take the next step.