Fukuda Denshi USA, Inc.

Fukuda Denshi built Japan’s first electrocardiographs in 1934 and has been delivering innovative patient monitoring technology ever since. With a growing presence in the North American market, they turned to Atomicdust for a website design that would help connect more healthcare professionals with their products.

Fukuda Denshi website design on a laptop

Making a global connection.

As an existing corporation with a global website (and headquarters) in Japan, we knew we couldn’t start from scratch with the Fukuda brand. But we did want to give it a modern look that would appeal to North American audiences.

We started with their blue color palette—and added pops of secondary colors throughout the site. From there, new brand elements like the ECG waveform-like pattern instantly grounded Fukuda in the healthcare space.

Early Fukuda Denshi electrocardiogram and one of today's devices
Fukuda Denshi logo
The Fukuda brand colors, typefaces and logo

Demonstrating flexibility.

Fukuda prides itself on the flexibility and adaptability of its products, so this messaging is front-and-center everywhere you look on the site. You can see it in the calls to action (“Ask about your perfect fit”) and in core brand promises on the home page. Everything on the site supports this message, from highly visible product interface screens to the functional organization of the products.

Pages of the new Fukuda Denshi US healthcare devices website design
Website organization chart for the Fukuda Denshi US website design

Designing organization.

With a broad array of products that, at first glance, look very similar, we knew we needed to create a system that would make the company’s growing list of products easy for visitors to browse. Working directly with our client, we standardized product names, clarified categories and functions, and then used our new brand colors and elements to bring them all together.

The custom WordPress Gutenberg blocks we developed make it all possible, considering the relationships between products and their categories and, in turn, their extensive support pages.

A product page from the Fukuda Denshi website design

Leading the experience.

The very heart of the Atomicdust web design philosophy is to ensure visitors always feel connected to the brand and never get lost. For Fukuda, this meant getting people to core product information–but also building a path for current users to easily download manuals and tap into training and technical support resources.

Thankfully, it’s all integrated on the website’s back end, driven by those custom blocks that enable the site to display dynamic information in all the right places. The approach makes it easy for our client to add new products as they continue to grow in the U.S. market—no coding required.

A person looks at the Fukuda Denshi US website on a cell phone
Pages from the Fukuda Denshi US website design