LexisNexis Payment Solutions

Government agencies generally know the LexisNexis name, and are familiar with the company’s Risk Solutions brand. However, fewer agencies seemed to know about its Payment Solutions division. Atomicdust designed and developed a website to raise the profile of LexisNexis Payment Solutions, engaging and educating prospective clients along the way.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions - Website Design

Everything in its place.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions works with city, county and state governments across the country, providing streamlined payment processing services for things like taxes, parking tickets and licenses. But the company didn’t have a central place on the web to tell the brand story and needed a website that would engage prospects during a sales cycle that often stretches beyond 12 months. 

Keeping things simple.

Our solution clearly leverages the core LexisNexis brand while introducing personal, almost tactile imagery like credit cards and payment terminals, to build credibility. Bright, appealing photography instantly places the company in the payment processing space, and the clean, modern design sets the company apart from competitors.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions Website Design Elements
LexisNexis Payment Solutions Website Design Elements

Instead of the highly technical, jargon-laden sales tactics typical of competitors in the space, we crafted straightforward messaging in a casual tone to speak directly to the main audience and their pain points, explaining the benefits LexisNexis Payment Solutions provides to governments and their residents. 

LexisNexis Payment Solutions Brand Language

Building to inform, inspire and reassure.

While the homepage serves as an introduction to LexisNexis Payment Solutions, pages deeper in the site speak more to their audience’s specific needs: dispelling common misconceptions while encouraging visitors to move beyond their antiquated technologies and discover the benefits of Payment Solutions.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions Website Design Process

The homepage leads visitors to the company’s two main service levels, which we named Essential and Integrated. There’s also a page for potential development partners, who may look to integrate our client’s solutions into their own municipal management software.

LexisNexis Payment Solutions Website Design

Showing governments a better way.

The goal of the LexisNexis Payment Solutions website was simple: to show government agencies the benefits of streamlining their payment processes, rather than focusing on the technology itself. We’re thrilled our client was willing to take this different-for-the-industry approach.