Premise Health

Atomicdust created a new visual identity, brand positioning, website and sales collateral for one of the biggest players in a fast-growing healthcare sector: onsite health programs.

Premise Health Branding & Website Design

Merging Two into One

When two of the biggest names in onsite healthcare merged, they turned to Atomicdust to craft their new brand. Premise Health – the result of the merger between Take Care Health Systems (formerly part of Walgreens) and CHS Health Systems – is now the most experienced provider of onsite healthcare services.

Premise Health-Appointment Card Design
Premise Health: Brochure Design

Building the Brand

We took the Premise Health team through our Branding Program, and we learned that while large companies have been offering onsite healthcare centers for years, there’s more interest today than ever. With rising costs and increasing regulations, everyone wants a better answer.

For many companies, Premise Health is that answer.

Premise Health - Logo Design and Branding

Keeping the Promise

As we began building the Premise Health brand, we started with a new tagline – Keep your edge – which captures the essence of everything they do. Behind Premise Health, you find that their work is centered on a promise that better health keeps people, and the companies they work for, at their best.


Premise Health Website Design

Starting on the Inside

With two large companies combining forces, there were bound to be cultural clashes – so we first built an internal launch plan that energized employees and proved to them that this entire effort was about combining the best of both companies. Posters, emails and videos reminded employees of the coming change and reinforced core values.

Premise Health - Branding Rollout Campaign
Premise Health - Website and email design
Premise Health - Business Card Design

Changing the Conversation

Everyone’s talking about transforming healthcare. We built the Premise Health brand around the idea that they’re the ones actually offering care that’s more effective, accessible and affordable. It’s a cultural shift in the industry, but one was already alive at Premise Health. Aspirational photos and copy show this is a brand about health and prevention. This is a company dedicated to creating health benefits that actually benefit health.

Premise Health: Branded Coffee Cup

Award-Winning Branding and Design

Our work for Premise Health has earned accolades from the W3 Awards, Marketing Excellence Awards (ME Show), Graphic Design USA Health + Wellness Awards, AIGA St. Louis Design Show and the 32nd Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards. See Premise in action at the award-winning website.