Helping a New Onsite Healthcare Brand Change the Conversation

Helping a New Onsite Healthcare Brand Change the Conversation

Premise Health. It’s a brand-new company with 40 years of experience. It’s the merger of one company known for its extensive resources, and another known for agility and service. It’s a chance for a new conversation in healthcare. A conversation they turned to Atomicdust to spark.

Take Care Employer Solutions – once part of Walgreens – and CHS Health Services merged in 2014 to create Premise Health. Their leadership recognized (and we admire them for this) that capturing the best of both of the legacy brands’ cultures was going to be critical to their success.

We’re big believers in building brands from the inside out – so this approach became critical as we moved the Premise Health team through and beyond our branding program.

The other factor? Timing. Working with a team of about 20 stakeholders from Premise Health, we had about eight months worth of work to do – in less than four months.

Premise Health Logo

Establishing a Platform

Through our research, we uncovered the core promise of the Premise Health brand: that Premise Health helps people, and the organizations they work for, keep their edge every day.

This promise became the tagline and the building block for the campaign.

To Premise Health clients, it means they’ll be able to offer employees a leading-edge benefit, build a healthier workforce, and keep healthcare costs under control.



We knew from the start that a brand promising to change the healthcare conversation was going to need an equally unconventional logo. The Premise Health logo provides a sense of forward motion, while reflecting the company’s inherent flexibility and ability to meet clients’ specific needs.

That’s a lot to ask of – and read into – a logo. But it works, as the ribbon runs through other elements of the brand, connecting the story to key benefits, case studies and more.


Over-Shoulder-Brochure Mug

In December, we worked to bring the brand to life within Premise Health, leading their employees through the new brand’s core promises and values. The core message in these communications – one we wholeheartedly embrace – is that a brand does not come from a logo or tagline.

A brand is best reflected in the employees who live it every day. Angled-Posters

We’re proud of the work we’ve done so far with Premise Health, and we look forward to helping them continue to reshape the way their clients think about healthcare.


Our client is pretty happy, too. After the internal brand launch, our main client contact called hiring Atomicdust, “One of the best decisions we’ve ever made.”

To see more of the new brand in action, visit our work section.

Rich Heend

Rich Heend

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