Bold branding and a new e-commerce website for Reebok helped Warson Brands reinvent the perception of work footwear.

Reebook Work Photography for the Brand

Blurring the Lines

Reebok is a household name, known for innovative athletic wear and technology. That places ReebokWork at odds with the visual identity of your everyday work shoe, which tends to rely on a familiar, rugged, handmade look. Instead of working against the Reebok brand, we decided to work with it, blurring the lines between athletic and work shoes to create something completely new.

Splatters became an element of the Reebook Work Branding

Designed for Exploration

We designed the new ReebokWork website to encourage exploration, whether you’re at a desktop or browsing from a mobile device. The site is simple and elegant to tie into existing Reebok visuals, and makes each shoe a hero with bold, colorful photography taken by Atomicdust in our own studio space. The site is highly responsive, and shows each shoe moving and reacting to its environment.

The design showed the Reebok Work shoes in action
Website Design for Reebook Work
Product pages designs for the Reebok Work Website
Photography for the Reebok Work Footwear Product Line Up

Branding in Motion

We handled all the photography for the ReebokWork website in our studio. We also filmed and edited website and trade show videos to show the shoes looking stylish, strong and safe at various jobs and work sites.

Designer discusses the Reebok Work Website sitemap
Photographer Taylor Dixson hangs Reebok Work Footwear on strings to simulate action

Reebok Honored with Press and Awards

Atomicdust’s work for Reebok was selected by AIGA judges for the association’s 18th St. Louis Design Show. Locally, it has also been honored at the 2014 American Advertising Awards and 2013 Targeted Advertising and Marketing (TAM) Awards. The branding and website has been featured on popular design blogs, including Site Inspire and Awwwards. This year, it received a Gold award at the W3 Awards.