Stratos Card

This clean, straightforward website focuses on real-world benefits of the all-in-one Stratos Card – and helps launch a brand-new product in style.

Connecting with a New Product

The Stratos Bluetooth Connected Card is a completely new product made for anyone to use. This smarter card for your wallet connects with the Stratos mobile app – allowing you to securely combine all of your credit, debit, gift, loyalty and membership cards into one Stratos Card. Since there’s nothing else quite like it, we took an animated approach to break free from the mold of product introduction sites.

Photography for Stratos Card Website Design
Marketing email designs for Stratos Card
Photography for Stratos Card Website Design

Keeping It Real

To appeal to an entirely new audience, we designed the website to show how the product works to answer questions from a broad range of potential users.

We took real-world photography and video of the Stratos Card in action, and combined it with subtle, fluid animations. Together, you get an almost tangible demonstration of the card’s features, and how these translate into relatable benefits. That was the first step toward instilling trust and confidence in this new player in the financial world.

Website Design layouts for Stratos Card

Making It Simple

Of course, the ultimate goal of a product website is to, well, sell the product. So we made the buying process simple by integrating  the purchasing process directly into the homepage. As visitors move through the site, they quickly and easily see what they’re buying. Toward the end of the home page, they’re greeted with in-depth details about signing up for one- or two-year subscriptions.


Our simple yet informative website design was recognized at the AIGA St. Louis Design Show 20 for its sleek, sensible way of launching this new, exciting product.